Martimoaava Excursions

Let's get to know the Martimoaapa swamp conservation area. The area has open marshland landscapes. The diverse plant
species and the birds that live in the marsh make the trip interesting. The area has partly pine trees, a shed and a dry toilet. The duration of the trip can be 3 or 5 hours, depending on the trip.Starting point at Hangassalmenaho parking area.  

Martimoaapa hiking trail and Keski-Penikka viewing route 17 km

I The hiking trail runs 8.5 km along wooden paths. Along the route, you can see different kind of swamps. The forest sections have a strong trail. Along the route are the dry toilets and huts of Koivusaari and Saunasaari. The Keski-Penikka viewpoint route ends the hiking trail with a demanding devil's field up to the observation tower. Full day excursion. Starting point Hangassalmenaho parking area


Route starting point: Jääkärinkämppä parking lot. The beginning of route is easy. At the end of the journey, there is a demanding devil's field for approx. 0.5 km. There is an observation tower with views in all directions, a desert hut and a dry toilet. The duration of the trip from the parking lot is 2-3 hours.

Picking berries and mushrooms at Tervola Pahtaoja

The nightless night of the north and the abundant amount of light make the berries of Lapland especially sweet and juicy. The forest is full of nature's own treasures waiting for their picker. Immerse yourself in the northern lifestyle and come and collect the cleanest berries and mushrooms led by the local guide Tuula. The experience is forest therapy at its best.

On guided tours you will find the best local berry places and learn to identify the most delicious mushrooms. Let's enjoy the surrounding fresh, silent and authentic nature. Depending on the season, we pick cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries and mushrooms.
Berry picking time: Cloudberry: July-August, Blueberry: July-September, Lingonberry: September, Cranberry: October.
Mushrooming starts in July and ends when the first frosts com in September.

Clothing and equipment: Mosquito hat/ mosquito oil, sunscreen, long-sleeved shirt and trousers, rubber boots (strawberry/cranberry), hiking shoes (blueberry/cranberry). Berry or mushroom container. Own water bottle and snacks. The trip includes coffee/tea and a sandwich. Departure point from the Tuula´s place, Pitkäkoskentie 159.

You are most welcome to experience the northern nature!

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